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The Benefits of Switching to Organic Pet Supplies

By Alfred Ardis  

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We all love our pets and want nothing but the best for them. We must, otherwise the pet supplies industry wouldn't be at $60 billion a year and growing. In an industry that large, however, most companies are just in it for the money and aren't worried about Fido's health. Here are a few reasons you should reconsider the food, toys, litter, and any other pet supplies you have for your furry family member.

It's Much Healthier

Imagine for a second that you ate nothing but processed foods all day, every day. You'd develop all kinds of health problems - obesity, high cholesterol, allergies, etc. Now take a look at Fido's bag of food. I bet it's full of fillers like corn and grains. Open up your dog or cat's mouth and look at those teeth; tell me those are teeth that have evolved to eat corn and grains. You can't! Those are teeth that are used to eating meat. Choosing an organic diet for your pet usually means he or she will have more energy, fewer health problems, and be generally much healthier.

The Environment Won't Suffer

When you think of pet supplies, you probably don't think about how they damage the environment. Think back to all of the little plastic toys or synthetic beds your furry friend has destroyed growing up. You probably threw all of these into the trash, where they eventually wound up sitting in a landfill. Switching to more naturally made toys will help keep plastic out of the landfills, and they're biodegradable.

It'll Save You Money

Sure, organic products are more expensive, but switching to organic pet food will wind up saving you money. You'll be able to feed Fido less at each meal since he or she will be getting all the nutrition needed from a much smaller amount of food. Your wallet will also benefit from fewer trips to the vet. Allergies will decrease, weight will level off at a healthier level, and your pet's ailments, such as a sensitive stomach, may disappear. Naturally made toys are often better constructed than cheaper toys, making them more resilient to sharp teeth and strong jaws.

Now grab your bag of cat or dog food and read the first few ingredients. Would you eat any of that? I bet you wouldn't touch that with a 10-foot pole. So why do you have it for your four-legged friend?

Are You Ready to Welcome a New Pet Home?

By Susan Mohr

Everyone mourns the loss of a beloved animal in a different way. For many people, the mourning process is unexpectedly painful and long lasting. Many pet parents find the prospect of mourning an animal even more challenging than mourning the loss of another person. After many years spent in the company of a special animal, the idea of sharing your home with another pet might be difficult to think about. How do you know when you are ready to make this important step?

Identify Your Hesitation

Before deciding to adopt a new pet or not, try to get to the heart of your hesitation. What exactly is holding you back? Why precisely do you feel reluctant? These are some of the reasons that pet owners are hesitant about bringing home a new animal:

- They feel disloyal to the memory of the pet they have lost.

- The do not wish to replace the memory of their lost pet with the presence of a new one

- They do not want to open themselves to the experience of loss again

- They want to feel completely prepared to care for a new animal

- They are not certain they can find an animal they are compatible with

- They are concerned about the compatibility of a new animal and other pets already in the household

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All of these feelings are very natural and should even be expected. Choosing to bring home a new animal is a complex decision and it should not be rushed into. At the same time, it is important to identify what your concerns actually are. If you wish, you can take steps to resolve these concerns with the help of a sympathetic friend or family member.

Keeping Animals in Your Life

People who have lost a pet may desire to have animals in their life but do not yet feel up to the responsibility of having one in their home. If you miss having the company of a special animal, you might consider spending time around four footed friends that have yet to find a forever home. Animal shelters, rescue groups, and other volunteer agencies are always in need of helping hands. Just a few hours a week can go a long way to providing animals with the care, affection, and socialization they need to stay happy and healthy. Even if you do not personally feel up to caring for one on a full time basis, every pet owner has the skills and love required to help animals waiting for their forever home. This small effort can be a great source of emotional comfort.

Participating in donation drives is another way to provide help and support for animals. Humane groups often hold supply drives around the holidays though they are likely to be in need of donations year round. Consider donating a few dollars, some bags of pet food, hygiene supplies, or even just old towels and blankets. You can also speak with a shelter worker to find out what supplies they have particular need of.

Pet parents have a lot of love to give but after losing a special animal, the idea of loving another can seem very painful. Even so, there are ways to keep animals in your life until you are ready to share your home again.